Permanent License Holder

    Total Duration

    It can vary from 6 days to 15 days based on type of training schedule. Total training duration is 9.5 Hrs

    Duration of Theory

    2 Hrs in 1 session

    Duration of Practical

    5 Hrs in 5 sessions

    Duration of Simulator

    1 Hrs in 2 sessions

    Duration of Demo

    Not applicable


    Theory Test of 20 Questions; Practical Evaluation using 20 point evaluation sheet

    Eligibility Criteria

    Min. score of 60 % in theory & practical pre-test individually

    Post Training Test

    • Theory test of 40 Questions, Maximum Marks: 40
    • Practical Test on 20 point evaluation sheet, Maximum Marks: 100

    Pass Percentage

    • Min 70 % in theory & practical individually
    • Overall min 70% (with 30% weight-age to theory & 70% weight-age to practical)

    Course Content


  • Type: T
    Duration: 2hr

    Road Signs & Markings: Types of road signs, hand signals and road markings; Traffic Lights Rules of the Road: Lane discipline, lane changing, overtaking, turning, roundabouts, intersections, junctions, right of way, reversing and parking.
    Safe Driving Practices: MSM & PSL technique, Safe distance, emergency handling, driving in difficult conditions, Case Studies
    Know your vehicle: Basic maintenance of the vehicle, troubleshooting and fuel efficient driving


  • Type: S1

    Duration: 30 Min 

    Night Driving

    • Turn on Headlights- switch to low beam
    • Adjust speed
    • Judge speed & distance accurately
    • Take appropriate action when dazzled by other vehicles

    Type: S2

    Duration: 30 Min

     Driving in Difficult conditions

    • Driving in Rain
    • Driving in Fog
    • Driving on Rough Road


  • Session: P1

    Duration: 60 Min 

    • Discuss performance in Pre-test
    • Discuss areas identified during Pre-Test
    • Daily Inspection
    • Moving Off & Stopping
    • Signal before starting off
    • Clutch Biting Point
    • Usage of hand brake

    Session: P2

    Duration: 60 Min 

    • Stop facing uphill & move off without sliding back
    • Stop facing downhill & move off without sliding forth
    • Parallel parking ( make formation by placing cones in the ground)
    • Angular Parking,`8¿ formation, reversing


    Session: P3

    Duration: 60 Min

    • Angular Parking & `8¿ formation, reversing, turning
    • Speed control
    • Reversing to left & right
    • Fuel efficient driving
    • Perpendicular & Parallel Parking, Round About , Highway Driving


    Session: P4

    Duration: 60 Min

    • Perpendicular & parallel Parking
    • Roundabouts
    • Give Way for on-coming traffic
    • Lane discipline and lane changing, blind spots
    • Fuel Efficient Driving
    • Highway driving
    • Wheel changing

    Session: P5

    Duration: 60 Min 

    • Practice wheel changing
    • Fuel efficient driving, defensive driving

    Session: PE

    Duration: 30 Min

    • Practical evaluation
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